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Zenaida and I attended Stitches in Santa Clara this year (Feb 2012). It’s a show for knitters and people who work with fibers. I don’t knit but I just went for the experience and to get something for Jamie. While browsing through this intensely popular show, I found a booth called Accent Bead Company. She has the most interesting beadwork that I’ve seen in a long time. The braids were amazing… and can be done with any fibers we have laying around.  This is her website… .   I purchased a kit for Jamie, some fibers and a kit for me… which I’m still putting together.

In the meantime, Jamie has done 3 beaded bracelets and several braided friendship bracelets. I’m too much of a perfectionist for this type of work.

So… what is Kumihimo? Essentially, Kumihimo is Japanese braiding, and is often combined with beads to make beautiful jewelry. The term Kumihimo in the Japanese language means the gathering of threads. The literal translation of kumihimo means the ”coming together (kumi) of threads (himo)”. This technique involves using several highly developed looms for specific types of braids. Here is a little HISTORY link…

GALLERIES .. .. examples of what can be created with this form of art.







Primitive Originals :

Beach Beads and Glass Studio :

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